Sustainability Incentives Scheme Updates

Just this week the City of Adelaide has released changes and additions to their Sustainability Incentives Scheme for the new financial year. From July 1st the Sustainability Incentives Scheme will be providing an extensive number of rebates for the benefit to those in the City of Adelaide, with the vision that owners and tenants of […]

NSW Empowering Homes Program Launch – Register Your Interest Is Now Open

After winning the NSW State election earlier in the year, the Liberal Party had released very little information around the Empowering Homes Program, which was a pre-election pledge to New South Wales residents, promising interest-free loans for solar-battery systems or battery for existing solar PV systems. Just this week new information has come alight with […]

Solar Victoria’s Audit Program For Systems & Installations

Solar Victoria intends to raise the bar for safety and quality with a new Audit Program which will coincide with Solar Victoria’s, Solar Homes Program. The Auditing Program aims to ensure solar retailers and installers are meeting CEC standards and hold those accountable that are not. Retailers and installers found doing wrong by the consumer […]

Your Electricity Bill Breakdown & Highest Energy Consuming Appliances

When installing solar at your home it’s common to start monitoring your energy consumption and habits more closely than you may of prior. This is because most inverter models today have a built-in functionality to monitor and display the solar energy your system is producing. This makes tracking your own consumption and whether you are […]

UPDATE: Solar Victoria Homes Program – 1st of July Information & What You Can Do Now!

It’s been a nail-biting few months for Victoria homeowners and those within the solar industry after the Solar Victoria Homes Panel Rebate was abruptly paused back in April due to reaching full capacity for this financial year. Since then solar providers and homeowners have been eagerly awaiting information on the re-launch of the Solar Victoria Homes Panel […]

Customer Survey Findings On Solar & Battery

In February we reached out to customers who had requested solar quotes from us in 2018 and asked them to shed some light on their experience with our service, the solar industry as well as their current solar situation and opinions on solar and battery. A total of 1,568 responded to our survey which we […]

The Life Span Of A Solar Inverter

The inverter is a core component of a solar PV system and has the vital task of converting direct current energy from solar panels into alternating current energy that our homes and appliances use to run. Unlike solar panels who have a life-span of 25 years + (due to no moving parts), an inverters life-span […]

Recycling Solar Panels In Australia

If you’ve done your research on solar and installing a solar PV system at your home or business, then you will be well aware of the environmental benefits of solar as an alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels. Solar energy not only is a renewable free source of energy from the sun, but it enables us […]

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Understanding Batteries

Off-Grid Systems

For some households a battery system can be of great benefit and minimise a home’s reliance on the grid. However, it’s important to understand for a battery to be useful your solar system needs to be generating excess energy for the battery to store, which you can then use at night or when the sun is not out.

When selecting a battery, you’ll want to invest in a system that is most suited to your home and can drive the best return on investment (ROI). Despite a larger upfront cost, a higher quality battery may significantly increase your ROI.

    Battery systems start from $6,000 and costs can vary greatly based on the following factors:

  1. Cycle Life-Time

    The number of times a battery can fully charge and discharge.

  2. Battery Power (kW)

    How fast it can be charged or discharged.

  3. Storage Capacity (kWh)

    The maximum amount of energy a battery system can store.

  4. Battery Management System (BMS)

    An electronic ‘smart’ system that gathers data and manages the battery ensuring it does not overload or operate outside of its safe functioning zone..

  5. Inverter

    Battery systems require their own inverter if your solar system does not have a hybrid inverter.

  6. 'All-In-One Unit’

    A system which includes the battery, BMS and an inverter all in one unit.

  7. Warranty

    Length of time or cycles the battery system is under guarantee.

  8. Blackout Protection/Backup

    It’s important to note this is not a common feature of a battery system and could cost thousands of dollars to include. Blackout protection not only requires additional components but also a specialised installation and rewiring. For grid-connected homes, the cost for blackout protection can outweigh the benefit.

Additionally, if your purpose for adding battery is to go Off-Grid and become completely independent from the grid you will need to ensure your solar system can generate enough energy to power your home and your battery system is large enough to store this energy. For homes in metro areas going Off-grid is not cost effective and is only recommended for those in remote areas with limited access to the grid. Off-grid solar systems with battery start at approximately $30,000.